Late January I received my Results from Circle. As they were from their Premium DNA test I received 115 Cancers & Disease Risks Reports; 60 Diet, Fitness, and Wellness Reports; 157 Carrier Condition Reports together with a 2 Complimentary Consultation with Our Genetics Professionals & More, updates for life. They claim it´s the world´s most comprehensive DNA test and that they achieve 99.9% ananylical accuracy for 31,000,000 data points in the exome region of the DNA samples processed. They also have an app for mobile phones that is very intuitive and comprehensive. Often they give the names of the genes analysed but no SNPs. I have written to them asking if it possible for me to download my raw data. They cannot do that at the moment.

UPDATE: April 2021. I paid Circle 50$ to have my raw data securely emailed to me as a zipped txt file. It arrived promptly with password protect. When unzipped it was a single .txt file at 1,939,736KB. The text reading application I use is EditPad Lite 8. I opened a copy of the file and the chromosomes are arranged continuously:- 1, 11, 12 etc, 19, 20, 21, 22, 3, 4 etc 9, chrM, X and finally Y. I did a search using the built in box for chr11 and deleted all rows from there down to the end. (Method: Select the first chr11 text, hold Shift key and scroll down to the end, highlighting all txt except the chr1 section). Press the delete key and save as, (I used 1.txt etc). I used the same method to extract each chromsome and the mitochondria.
The text file may be opened in MS Excel by changing the extension to .csv. I tried that but have now decided it is not useful because each chromosome txt/csv data file is larger than the maximum Excel11048575 rows. In addition to that problem Circle does not give the Rsid when there is no mutation - was it no mutation or no cover? Now I only search the txt files.

Using the data. Supppose I need to find whether my blood is Rhesus positive or negative. Google search for "Rhesus SNP" and record the Rsid, (Rs590787). I also use searches: and Bebbie Moon at Life Hacks, for example. Once I have the Rsid´s I open Genome Browser. (Click to open). When using this website with data from either 23andMe or Circle first change GRCh38 to GRCh37 then enter the Rsid into the search box. The chromosome and position is displayed below the box. To the right the SNP is displayed on the track together with the alleles.

The Rsid Rs590787 is located at Chr1:25629943 (i.e. on chromosome 1 at position GRch37 25,629,9432) and the ancestral allele is A and may mutate to C/G. In the open Edit Pad text reader I load my chr1.txt file and enter 25629943 in the search box; click on the first button to the right of the box and "chr1:25629943:A   chr1   25629943   A/A" is displayed. Next open SNPedia, search for Rs590787 where there is a table: CC Rh-, CT, Rh+ and TT Rh+. The orientation is minus; C > G and A > T. I am AA > TT, i.e. Rh+
I have checked some genes related to common ailments/diseases against my raw data, interesting.

Back to the Report - to give it a flavour, here is an image made from several screen shots from it:

Taste Results

I´ve also sent my 23andMe results to Promethease. Their results for Taste is here for download:

Taste23andMe-CircleDNA.pdfPromethease Taste Results

I have made a spreadsheet, saved as a web page that compares the Circle DNA results with my perception of my traits.

Circle Results compared with myself


Where possible I´ve looked up the surname origins of my ancestors at 5 generations ago. I used Fortunately none was of very recent origin. I created atble to comparemy actual (inly 72% of the total) with the results from 23andMe and Circle DNA. Circle gives me Ancestor Results compared