Genetic Homeland DNA pedigree display

Below is Genetic Homeland's display for my BY11733 genetic tree   If the PDF file does not display - click here

I checked all 48 branches from the Genetic Homeland DNA pedigree display. There is a mutation at each branch, below left:

My  genetic SNPs
The highlighted alleles in yellow are my results drawn from my FTDNA .bam file. #35, Z39589 was difficult to read so I have left it for now. All the others to number 48 show a mutation from the ancestral value to the derived value. There have been no branches out to return later.
For a higher definition copy download the pdf file here If the PDF file does not display - click here

On the Dál Cuinn Group website ....

...... they have my subclade below BY11733 at R-BY88938; but now, August 2021 adjusted again. BY11733 is below FT165098 the splits into 4 groups, one of which is FT135792 > BY88938 the to the next block BY123238 > BY219560 > F17047. I am BY123238

my Dal Cuinn clade

The table below shows the relationship of the current 3 Hagan, Hagen and Fagan FTDNA and Dál Cuinn Group members

5 Hagan clades

The map below gives suggested routes through history of mutations through to haplogroup R. This arose from P-M45 near Lake Baikal in Russia some 24 thousand years ago to haplogroup R-M207 that split into R1 (R-M173) and R2 (R-M279).

My  genetic route through SNPs

There are estimated dates for the mutations throughout history beginning with Africa ´A´ haplogroups about 270K years ago. CF-P143 arose about 77K years ago in Ethiopia then people moved north through Egypt to the fertile areas of Iran. By 35K years ago the P-P295 mutation had occurred around northern Afghanistan. Later near Lake Baikal in Russia a mutation to P-M45. At about this time there ws a split - one group continued east and created the Q haplotype that is now common in North America; the other group moved westward and R-M173 was formed about 26K years ago. Some 18K years ago they had migrated to an area south of Lake Urmia then northwards Ukraine between 11K and 6K years ago. Blue eyes appeared at this time and a mutation to R-M269. The Yamma culture flourished here about 5K years ago, a people who made pit graves. It was at the copper to bronze age. Again, an westward push to the northern tip of th Black Sea with R-L51 and north west to modern day France, R-L21,Corded Ware, about 4500 years go.
From there about 4000 years ago the mutation to R-M222 occurred. Was it continental, England, Cornwall, Scotland or Ireland? The highest concentration of R-M222 is in Donegal, NW Ireland. Why? Possibilities are that the M222 was brought to England then to Scotland on to Ireland. Another theory is that the Dumnonii people who worked the tin mines in Cornwall carried the M222 mutation to SE Ireland (Leinster) following the arrival of the Romans in England. During the second century AD/CE the Fir Domnann tribes were in Leinster. (The same)? By mid third century the Damnoni had settled in county Mayo and the Connachta (descendants of Conn of a hundred battles) were moving north towards Donegal. By the end of the 4th century the Connachta had reached Aileach. By 500 AD/CE descendants, the ui Néill dynasty (genetically R-M222) ruled the northern part of Ireland. They moved to Tullac óg (Tullyhoge) about 900 AD where the O'Hagan's were Brehons, law givers, judges. The clan descendants of Niall Nóigiallach including O'Hagan remained there until 1603.

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