Welcome  to a résumé of my current knowledge: Hagan family tree, current DNA and haplogroup, subclades, history.

                Being updated August 2021

Section I. Known Hagan family tree: (m = mac = "son of")

John (b 1940 Lancashire)

m Lloyd John (1915 Nelson, Lancs -1972), WW2 RAMC then hospital pharmacist until retirement

m Benjamin (1888 Everton, Liverpool-1951 Nelson, Lancashire), gardener

m Benjamin (1848 - 1890 Everton, Liverpool), 13th Hussars for 25 years, baker, publican

m John (1809 - 1877 Ballybay, Monaghan, Ireland), master baker, publican - including during the Great Famine

Section 2. Haplogroup, subclade:

As more men have their y chromosome (chrY) tested the haplotree expands and my termina SNP has changed a number of times.

In 2016 23andme DNA testing company gave my haplogroupe R1b1b2a1a1a. This naming system has been superceded and that is R-M269 now. This haplogroup seems to have suddenly appeared in Western Europe about 5000-4500 years ago during the early Bronze Age.

Because I already suspected an Irish connection I decided to have a ySeq North West Irish panel test. Result R-M222 positive, confirming my Irish ancestry. The age of this mutation is thought to be from abouut 2000 to 2500 years.

In 2019 I was tested by FTDNA, an American company that has the largest y chromosome database. They predicted firstly BY20515 then soon after BY11533 - I had the mutation at potition 14002856 using GRCh38 (Genome Reference Consortium Human Reference 38) from the Ancestral T to C, R-BY11733.

Early 2021 I joined the Dál Cuinn Group (for people who are in the R1b-DF104+ Y-Haplogroup. They have linked many more mutations. Here are some important ones: R-DF104 > DF105 > S588 > BY11735 > BY20515 > FT165098 (this appears to be the defining SNP for Clan Ó hÓgain > FT135792 and finally to BY123238 with additional BY219560 > F17047.
FTDNA have put me at R-FT135792.