I have DNA results from 23andMe, FTDNA and Circle and have now ordered Nebula´s whole genome of my DNA. How do I justify ordering that?
DNA results may be compared with purchasing some literature: 23andMe is like a precis, Circle may be thought of a book with several chapters missing and FDNA is a detailed small book on a specific topic.

To elaborate, 23andMe covers only about 700,000 locations of the 3.2 billion, but these have been chosen carefully from all the chromosomes plus MT for their genetic importance.

Circle covers much more of the DNA, about 50 times 23andMe; 31 million datapoints- but has much redundancy - the locations don´t have documented SNPs. Circle claims to cover all Exomes -the protein making locations. (I have often found SNPs covered by 23andMe but not Circle).

Nebula covers all of the genome: 3.2 billion locations or 6.4 billion letters, base pairs - that is all the SNPs, insertions and deletions for all chromosomes and MT. It is future proofed because as research continues new mutations will be found and SNPs added to the database.

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