Covid-19, personal thoughts in November 2021     

On 2nd September I was still concerned that the December 2020 cohort of a little over a quarter of a million people who were aged 90+ or 80+ had been invited to receive their first Pfizer vaccination and their 2nd vaccination before the end of the first full week in January 2021. Many were vaccinated. Since then we had been consistantly warned the vaccine efficacy waned substantially after about 6 months. So, by about July 9th the six months had expired. By mid September JVCI was suggesting that the booster vaccine should be given to the 80 plus aged group. Vaccintions began (certainly in West Yorkshire) on 27 September.
On 2nd September I emailed my concerns - copy here, no header or footer:

September 2021 Covid-19 observations.

Mid December 2020 a little over a quarter of a million people over the age of 80 were asked to be vaccinated against Covid-19.
They did, willingly, without bribes and without media pressure. At that time it was an untested science.
That group had their second vaccination by the end of the first full week in January 2021.
That was after only three weeks. That has now been shown to be less effective than the current regime.
We were told at the outset that the efficacy would wane over time.
We were also told that increasing age meant increasing vulnerability irrespective of a person's general health.
It is now approaching 8 months since that group was given their second vaccination. Little is mentioned in the
media of this elderly "guinea pig" group. We have heard much from some pressure groups.
A cynical person may say there are many benefits to a government by removing the elderly from the population. They are the main NHS bed blockers.
They often live in a large house as the sole occupant when a family could live there.
There is also often an inheritance tax.
This group is not part of the workforce but they collect State and other pensions.
The death rate figures are frightening for the elderly: a little over two and a half percent of the 80 plus population has died with Covid on the death certificate.
At the other end of the age scale it is 0.00013 percent up to the age of 14. Even the 50 to 79 year olds it is a quarter of a percent.
So, it appears the Government has abandoned the science and elderly. The Government is considering which groups should be given the vaccine this Autumn and surely this very early group should be amongst them. When the efficacy of the vaccine was at its best there was a lockdown hence being vaccinated was little to no value.
With hindsight perhaps the early group SHOULD have delayed their vaccinations. They didn't, so they too should be prioritised to have their further vaccination.
I would be grateful if perhaps you would review what I have written and if you think there is a case to be answered forward it to the relevant bodies.

Mid November, about 6 weeks after the 80+ group had their booster, Government Ministers tell us it is very important to have the booster jab because we know of the waning efect of the vaccine. Now, all over the age of 40 have been invited. The graphs!

The spreadsheet below gives a part copy from the UK GOV ONS Covid data. The bold rows are sums of weekly groups per age. The 3 rows under those give the weekly deaths per million. The data is not complete because the deaths are for Enland and Wales only. The deaths for Scotland and Northern Ireland are formatted differently but the results are similar. The upper graph shows change with time for the group aged 0 to 19 at the bottom (lowest numbers) then 20 to 49, 50 to 79 and finally ages 80 plus. The lower graph gives deaths per million per week.


Comparison age group Covid

Note the steepness of the green line, 80+ age group compared to the red line 50 to 79 age group and the blue line showing hardly any change - the 0 to 49 age group. [note: these are figures for England and Wales only].

Other comments

Very disappointed to read that some 11,000 people have died from contracting Covid-19 in hospital. Questions are sure to be asked. Over more than 18 months we have discussed the problem of mixing Covid and non-Covid patients in the same hospital. Nightingale hospitals spring to mind. Patients who were suffering from Covid-19 were not allowed to receive visitors; so why did they need to stay local? Another possibility: from a group of local hospitals, one could close to non-Covid patients then open it for Covid patients only.

A while ago I mentioned that UV-C radiation at 222nm needs to be researched. Recently there have been at least 2 companies selling these devices. Unfortunately they are expensive at around £1000 per unit. They are advertised to be used to safely sterilise both personal and public air in virtually all settings (hospitals, schools etc).

Now that the Covid-19 booster jabs are well underway - some had their third vaccination a couple of months ago but the NHS app doesn´t show it exists! Fortunately the Airmid app shows details under Full Record, but no QR code. Let us hope more governments around the world don´t require QR codes showing last vaccination less than 6 months old, vaccination 2!

On to COP26 and the environment problems, waiting to hear about world over population? Carbon neutral aspiration. Close all UK coal mines as one example. What of these? museums running steam engines (currently importing from South America and others), iron and steel industry plus others. Import steel from China?Each piece of steel, each tonne should have its carbon footprint removed from China and allocated to the UK (including transport). This concept needs to be applied to every import and export for every country. It may have been mentioned - I have not heard it. Ah well.