Covid-19, personal thoughts in September 2021     

I am still concerned that in Decenber 2020 a little over a quarter of a million people who were aged 90+ or 80+ were invited to receive a Pfizer vaccination. Their 2nd vaccination was before the end of the first full week in January 2021 so they were fully protected by the end of January. We have been consistantly told that the vaccine efficacy waned substantially after about 6 months.

This graph derived from the ONS dataplots the deaths from the first full week in January 2021 to August 27. From the raw Covid deaths for England and Wales only, because Scotland and Ireland give data for different age groups, I have plotted 3 age group ranges. These age ranges are 0 to 49, 50 to 79 and 80+. Within each range there are differing numbers of people. From the 2019 population data there were 3.38 million people aged 80 or over (80+). for the age range 50 to 79 it was 22.1 million and for the 0 to 49 year olds 41.6 million. The plot gives a rolling average over 4 week periods of deaths per 10 thousand population January to August 2021.

Graph deaths by age group

The blue line represents the 80+ age group, the red line 50 to 79 and the difficult to see green line along the x-axis represents 49 year olds and younger. Looking at the blue line from the end of January to March there was a sharp decline in Covid deaths then from the beginning of July there has been a steady rise despite a high proportion of over 80s being fully vaccinated.
THe figures of deaths fron January 2020 to 27 August 2021 where Covid-19 is mentioned on the death cretificate are: ages 1-14= 13 deaths; 15-19= 34; 20-29=229; 1-49= 3386 and 80+ 88404. that is nearly 2000 times for ages 1-19.

Other comments

There is much discussion at the moment concerning who should receive vaccinations - first dose for younger school children, give foreign vaccination support, booster vaccination for the vulnerable and/or for the elderly. Political, scientific and moral decisions need to be made.

I have signed up to continue from January 2021 giving finger prick blood virus test until June 2022. It is used to check N and S antibody levels. We're given results (for me, so far each month) that N-antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 were not detected so it is unlikely I have been infected with the SARS and also S-antibodies have been detected meaning that I have received a Covid-19 vaccination (or been previously infected with SARS-CoV-2). I think this is valuable research, especially if it is linked to long term efficacy of vaccinations.

I mention again that UV-C radiation at 222nm needs to be researched. If research went well it could be used to safely sterilise personal and public air in virtually all settings.